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Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction that is potentially life threatening.

We require parents to immediately alert the school to any allergies or medical conditions which may affect their child.

As there are a number of children who are allergic to many foods, we seek your assistance by not providing your child with nut-based products such as peanut butter, nutella or museli bars and seafood, while they are at school. At certain times you may be notified regarding additional foods which individual students may have become allergic to. This may result in changes to the current health and safety policies at school.

If you wish to bring in a cake for your child's birthday please speak to your child's classroom teacher. Cakes (or any food items) which contain nuts are not permitted.

In the past the school has had reason to discourage students from bringing food containing egg, due to certain allergy-prone individuals. At present, however there has been a lifting of the need to ban foods containing egg. The school will advise of any new changes to banning of food items in the future.